Get a Harvard Graduate’s Vocabulary in
only 15 minutes a day!

Fair or not, people make assumptions about your intelligence, your education and your capabilities by the words you use. Studies prove that a strong command of the English language is directly linked to career advancement, earnings and social success. To move ahead in your career, your vocabulary level must at least equal the average level of members of your profession. For you to excel, your vocabulary must surpass that of your colleagues.

Improve your speaking, writing and listening skills with a Verbal Advantage Audio Learning Program and take a positive step toward achieving your personal and professional goals!

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Why Verbal Advantage?

Verbal Advantage has been a leader in audio educational products since 1984, helping millions of people better their lives through improved communication skills. From teaching 9 to 5 professionals how to initiate conversations with the toughest of people to helping high school and college students score higher on their exams, Verbal Advantage has the right program for you.

Learning Made Easy

Verbal Advantage Audio Learning Programs offer a proven approach to advanced learning. All you have to do is listen 10 to 15 minutes per day, every day, until you complete the program. You can listen and learn while you drive, workout, do chores, or while you simply sit back on your couch and relax. It's easy and it's fun!

For Students Too!

Studies show that 75% of students are seriously deficient in their verbal skills. Verbal Advantage Student Edition is designed to dramatically improve your child’s vocabulary skills with only 15-20 minutes a day, several days a week. Ideal for junior and high school level students who want to build a more powerful vocabulary and prepare for SAT and ACT exams.