About Verbal Advantage

About Verbal Advantage

For over 27 years, the Verbal Advantage product line has been the world leader in audio vocabulary and communication improvement programs.

Verbal Advantage was originally founded in 1983 by Phil Bonnell. He started his company with a small amount of borrowed cash and began business with four employees in a tiny office in Lake Forest, California.

Phil acquired, modified and labeled his first version of the “flagship” Verbal Advantage vocabulary program in late 1983. This already entertaining and easy-to-use product was first marketed in early 1984 via short commercials running on a classical music station in San Francisco. Listeners who were interested would call the Verbal Advantage 800 number to receive more information about Verbal Advantage.

Over the years, Phil grew the Verbal Advantage product line either through his own creative development or acquisition. The current flagship Verbal Advantage Success Edition is a fourth edition, representing many years of refinement. No other vocabulary program can guarantee you will achieve a Harvard Grad’s vocabulary upon completion of their program.

In addition, Phil expanded the line to include several important self-improvement programs designed to enhance one’s communication skills: Conversation Confidence, Listening to Win, Grammar for Success and Writing for Success. More programs are in development at this time.

Also, over the past 25+ years, Phil advertised Verbal Advantage over radio and networks such as CBS Radio, ABC Radio, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, CNN, Headline News, SkyMall, The Wall Street Journal, etc. Endorsements and testimonials from numerous public personalities have built valuable visibility and name recognition for the Verbal Advantage brand.