Verbal Advantage Audio Vocabulary Programs

Verbal Advantage Audio Vocabulary Programs

Can an Audio Vocabulary Program be your next positive step toward achieving your personal and professional goals?

To make the most of your learning experience with Verbal Advantage Audio Vocabulary Programs, be sure to follow the three R’s to advanced learning:

1. Routine: All you have to do is listen 10 to 15 minutes per day, every day, until you complete the program.

2. Review: Test your memory by immediately applying your newly acquired skills into everyday communication. Once you have attained satisfactory proficiency, continue to the next level.

3. Repetition: You can dramatically improve your comprehension through repetition of the entire program before continuing on to additional programs.

Our Programs…

 Verbal Advantage Success Edition Conversation Confidence

Verbal Advantage
Complete Success Edition

Join the most successful, highest-earning people by speaking with the vocabulary power that distinguishes the top 5% of all educated adults. Verbal Advantage gives you the tools you need to communicate more effectively and confidently. Turn your ability with words into language mastery!

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Conversation Confidence:
Secrets to Fearless Conversation

You’ll never feel like an outsider again when you use the secret communication techniques revealed in this 8-hour program. You’ll learn how to play “conversation hardball” and win!

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Grammar for Success  Writing for Sucess

Grammar for Success

How well you speak and write depends on your mastery of grammar, usage and spelling! Dr. Richard Lederer will be your entertaining tutor and will teach you the skills you need to master the power of the English language.

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Writing for Success

Now you can imbue your writing with style and clarity – and learn how to express yourself persuasively. This fascinating audio program shows you how to turn average writing into the kind of captivating writing others will read and understand.

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Listening to Win product-student-edition

Listening to Win

Winners listen. They pay attention when you speak and they hear what you say. Winners respond only when you have finished speaking. Their secret is that they have learned how to listen well. Now you can apply this powerful secret in your interactions with people.

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Verbal Advantage Student Edition

Verbal Advantage Student Edition is an easy and fun way for Jr. and High School students to build a more powerful vocabulary, help prepare for SAT and ACT exams and get the edge over other students.

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Memory Edition Spelling Edition

Memory Advantage

This 1-hr 15 min program will give you the ability to remember names, faces, numbers and new words as never before.

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Spelling Advantage

For generations business professionals, teachers and employers have been complaining about their employee’s poor

English skills. What they are generally referring to is poor spelling usage. This program is designed to improve your spelling and gain a better understanding how to use words correctly.

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