Grammar for Success

Grammar for Success

Grammar for SuccessImprove Your Grammar Today!

How well you speak and write depends on your mastery of grammar usage and spelling. Dr. Richard Lederer is your personal tutor in Grammar for Success. He will provide you with the skills necessary to master the power of the English language. (5 hrs 31 mins)

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Grammar For Success

Grammar For Success will guide you through the challenges and intricacies of usage, spelling and punctuation. You won’t be loaded down with abstract theories. Grammar will be explained only as it applies to usage…to language in action, to ideas and strategies that you can use everyday of your writing life. First, you will learn how to avoid the 60 most common and serious word mix-ups. English has by far the largest vocabulary in the history of humankind. Our language is the most prolific word-making machine that has ever been invented, with over 616,500 words. That’s why there are so many confusable words…mischievous imps such as lie and lay, less and fewer, affect and effect. As concisely as possible, you will learn how to sort them out. Then you will systematically review the most common structural problems that beset pronouns, verbs, modifiers, prepositions and conjunctions.

Remove Obstacles In Your Path.

Next comes a lesson on spelling. Linguist Mario Pei has described English spelling as “the world’s most awesome mess.” Spelling is not messy as it may appear. By learning essential rules and memory devices good spellers’ use, you will come to see the orderliness of English spelling. Finally, we provide an outline of all the basic marks of punctuation. As with spelling, the aim is to demystify the battalion of punctuation marks and show you how they will help you communicate what you want to say in writing. Writing well is one of life’s greatest joys. Grammar For Success will help you acquire the skills necessary to imbue your writing with style and effectiveness. And remember, this is an audio series, so all you have to do…is listen!


About the Authors…

Richard Lederer – Vice President of the Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature. Published over 2,500 articles and books about language and literature.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

My writing was always good, but my grammar was horrible and I often made small mistakes that made me look less competent and skilled than I was. The program was easy to use, interesting (not boring like I thought it would be) and helped me make changes immediately. The pay-off was when my boss complimented my writing and confided that he had promoted me over another worker because of it!
Sheryl Lam – Skokie, IL

Great product. Worked for me! It delivered everything promised in the easiest format I have ever used. I will keep these CDs in my library forever. I already know I’m getting them for my niece on her birthday. What could be a better gift than these skills?
Paul LaFonte – Kansas City, MO