Listening to Win

Listening to Win


Do You Possess the “Power Listening” Skills of Successful Leaders?

Winners listen. They pay attention when you speak and they hear what you say. Winners respond only when you have finished talking. Their secret is that they have learned how to listen well. Become an all effective, well balanced communicator in only just 15 minutes a day with this proven audio learning program.

The Art of Listening Made Easy

Becoming an effective listener is critical for succeeding in business and in life. Listening skills are directly tied to job performance and earning potential. Listening to Win is a fun and easy-to-follow program that will make a difference in your life.

You’ll Learn How To…

  • Identify and overcome common listening blocks and biases
  • Discover the right way to approach problem solving and decision-making
  • Become an all around effective and well-balanced communicator
  • Listening effectively to reach your goals
  • See what you are not hearing
  • Listen better at work, home and in personal settings

Learn the most important communication skill you were never taught!


What’s Included…

Listening to Win• 4 Audio CD’s
• 1 CD-ROM Guidebook
• 1 Library quality binders

Listen and learn program designed to teach you effective listening techniques. Listening skills are the most under taught communication skill yet one of the most important. The programs gives short experiments and exercises to help you learn and become an effective listener. It also suggests additional recommended readings by other authors.


About the Author…

Leil Lowndes Leil Lowndes is the author and narrator of Listening to Win and Conversation Confidence. She is an internationally acclaimed communications expert. She is a best-selling author of over five books and world-renowned speaker who has coached both in the government and private sectors. She has coached 1000’s of clients including fortune 500 companies and executives and she has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV talk shows. Her techniques are proven and effective.