Spelling Advantage

Spelling Advantage

spelling-editionImprove Your Spelling…

For generations business professionals, teachers and employers have been complaining about their employee’s poor English skills. What they are generally referring to is poor spelling usage. This program is designed to improve your spelling and gain a better understanding how to use words correctly.


  • Learn the 6 handy remedies to better spelling.
  • Identify the particular spelling demons that torment you.
  • Learn the 100 most common misspelled words in the United States.
  • Learn how to apply a relatively small number of spelling rules to a large cache of words.
  • Never make spelling or usage errors again.

How it Works

  • digital download (48 mins)
  • Interactive format
  • Easy to follow, presented in a clear and concise format that will help you easily and effectively improve your spelling skills
  • Gives numerous examples on how never to misspell common words

(available to download at Audible.com