Customer Reviews for Verbal Advantage

Customer Reviews for Verbal Advantage

Dennis Prager

I have suffered from severe dyslexia all my life. Since graduating from high school I have taken 4 adult reading classes and have read numerous books on reading improvement and vocabulary building.

Charles Harrington Elster’s CD program Verbal Advantage Success Advanced Edition is an excellent program for anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary and develop a better ear for the English language . . .

. . While I found the Basic Level 1-5 a nice refresher and useful in awakening my passive vocabulary the Advanced Edition was a real gem. Each level has 50 new vocabulary words, its definition and pronunciation, a set of synonyms and antonyms, a brief etymology and comments on usage.

One of the things I liked was the selection of words. They were challenging, but also practical for everyday usage. Examples: complicity, disassemble, supine, aver and hebetude.

Elster also admonished the listener to make a distinction between their conversational vocabulary and words that they would choose when writing. This is good advice and the CDs are full of such useful examples. Periodically Elster will stop and make salient comments on both usage and pronunciation. Just one example; the different pronunciations of forte, the Italian word for a loud musical presentation, versus forte, the French word for strong where the final vowel is not stressed.

At the end of Level 10 he does offer a little something for the sesquipedalian. Words like hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian: pertaining to an extremely long word; and azygophrenia: the psychoneurosis of single life, offer a window into what’s available in the English language for those of an adventuresome spirit.

One of the things that I found beneficial in the series and one of the things that the author emphasizes is the need for review to keep the words in one’s active vocabulary and not allow them to slip off into the passive, words that you recognize but then lack the confidence to use. Great advice because of 250 words that made up the Advanced Series there were none that I was not familiar with, however, due to lack of frequent usage a lot of these words were a part of my passive vocabulary and therefore neglected. The CDs are now stored in my car and are listened to, if not every day at least weekly, and this helps me avoid hebetude and/or solecisms.
James B. Foreman – posted on 05/18/2013

In no small measure, I credit Verbal Advantage as integral to success in my life. The depth of the program was a key ingredient to a winning essay which helped me achieve admission to Yale University in 1998. In my day-to-day affairs, I craft polished business letters with confidence. It’s true that an increased vocabulary translates into increased financial success!
Jessica Misch – Las Vegas, NV

I had been listening to your radio ads for years, and finally decided to purchase your course. I expected to return it in one week but have been so impressed I bought one for my son for his commute, too. Every couple of days we try to call each other and stump the other person with a new word. Best of all, I understand most everything I read now, and don’t feel stupid at my snobby lawyer-friend’s parties anymore! I’m the one they’re listening to. I love it! Now when I hear the radio ads, I just smile, and pop in another CD.

Jacob Schnillen – Canada

Your program has made dramatic changes in my life. I purchased it on a trial basis, and absolutely love it. I’m on Level III now, and already called to order the Advanced edition! Mr. Elster is a wonder and my trusted advisor. I followed every piece of his excellent advice, including a new addition to my office treasures: Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 2nd ed. by Random House. My salute to Mr. Elster for helping an immigrant professional like myself achieve a verbal advantage!
Niraja ’Ned’ Duvuri – Atlanta, GA

This is one of the best investments I’ve made. It makes me proud to write this customer review for Verbal Advantage.  It’s been years since I did anything to improve my skill levels and this program not only improved my overall communication skills, it helped me obtain a promotion I probably would not have received otherwise. Thanks Verbal Advantage. You have a customer for life!”
Lanae Hewitt – Dallas, TX

Verbal Advantage was the best investment I have made in myself and my career since college! Your sales staff was great and took the extra time to explain how to use the program to get the most out of it. I did what they said and my morning commute in the car is now indeed an education on wheels. I look forward to driving now because it isn’t “downtime” anymore, it’s “money-time” because I know every new word I learn makes me smarter and more valuable to my boss.
Tom Howfulton – Irvine, CA